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NestorHawk is a multi-vendor marketplace that caters to every kind of needs from Food delivery, Grocery delivery, e-commerce platform, Handyman services, Rental services to flea marketplace, etc. Take offline business to online thriving business and create a powerful multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace on web or mobile.

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NestorHawk-Perfect Solution to Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Experience for your own multi-vendor marketplace.

Feature List For You
Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Customer App Features

  • Online Ordering

    Browse and choose from a wide list of offerings and order in no time.

  • Live Tracking

    Allows customers to track their order & delivery agent on a real-time basis.

  • Ordering scheduling

    Give a convenient time slab to get food delivered as per user’s convenience.

  • Promotions

    Engage customers by offering exciting deals and promo codes at checkout.

  • Push Notifications

    Users can get order status, discounts, alerts, promo codes and offers.

  • Ratings

    Give feedback and ratings on the food ordering and delivery experience.

Set up unique features and designs with rich browsing experience for your own ecommerce multi-vendor marketplace

An intuitive multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace built on tech stack like dot net and MVC to make applications more powerful and able to accomplish a substantial subset of what is possible.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Business Owner

Real-time Notifications

Get instant updates of all new order orders placed by users

Multiple Payment Options

Get paid securely from your customers via multiple payment options

Revenue/ Order Analytics

Keep a close look on every order placed and their fulfillment details

Customer Management

Manage all customers registered on the platform and get their details

Dashboard and Analytics

Business owners can get useful insights on their business performance

Discount and offers

Create new discounts, offers and deals and manage their availability to your customers

We present a wide range of features for business owners to focus on business goals & market objectives.

  • Merchant App
  • Rider App
  • Order Management

    A central dashboard to have details of all incoming and outgoing orders.

  • Notification Management

    Reach more customers by managing email, SMS, and app notification settings

  • Catalogue Management

    Create menu listings from restaurant partners and make them available for ordering.

  • Restaurant Management

    Add and manage all restaurants on the platform and track their earnings and details.

  • Reports and Analytics

    Get real time stats and updates and drive insights to make data-driven decisions.

  • Payments & Commissions

    Set restaurant commission rates per partner, view due amounts and settle payments.

  • Live tracking

    Track the exact location of the delivery agent with live tracking option.

  • Lead multiple deliveries

    Ability to manage multiple food deliveries that are nearby to other delivery locations.

  • Route optimization

    Route suggestions to deliver the order at the right place in less time.

  • Commission Reports

    Ability to track the earnings and commissions for every order completed.

  • Contact restaurant/ customers

    Option to chat with both customers and restaurant owners to send real time updates.

  • Set availability

    The riders can set their availability status (Active/Inactive) and avoid any bounce orders.

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NestorHawk Marketplace Platform ?

Quality Dashboard

Hassle-free Ordering

Customized App

Live Tracking

Rating Option

Reports & Analytics

NestorBird's multivendor marketplace is one of the most trusted multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platforms that can suit both beginners and experienced e-commerce professionals and it is suitable for companies irrespective of their size.

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